What are your thoughts/opinions on checkerboard rendering for games?

I saw an article with a Frostbite dev talking about how they used this technique to massively improve frame-rates at 1800p on the PS4 pro. When you get right down to it, it’s just an alternate form of interlacing. For those who don’t know, all you need to picture is a checker pattern of 2x2 pixel clusters. It takes two frames to render all 100% of the pixels. I just find it interesting that alternate frame rendering is making a come back.

So what are your thoughts/opinions on this and do you think this might make a good addition to the Unreal engine? The way I see it is that there are already a lot of effects like this, where they are drawn/updated out over several frames(think DFAO), so this probably wouldn’t be that noticeable and would likely boost performance by ~30% or more. It seems like more and more developers are turning toward techniques like these, for performance reasons. There is all this push for 4k and yet most hardware just isn’t fully ready for true 60fps 4k.

I’ve seen some internal figures and it’s very efficient, very good compromising solution. Unfortunately it is exclusive on playstation.