What are your thoughts on the Godot engine?

Recently discovered this engine and it looks very interesting. It appears to be competent at both 2D and 3D and it’s documentation looks strong. It’s programming (GD script) also looks easier than coding in either Unreal or Unity. It’s also completely free which is very cool.

Are any of you familiar with this engine? If so then what are your thoughts on it?

If you familiar with others game engines, you can easily become proficient with it in just one weekend.

I like it. Haven’t used for anything serious because I see worrisome bugs on their Git repo, but I keep tracking where they’re going.

What are these bugs? Are they anything major? I don’t want to make games with it yet if there are some serious problems with it.

There was over 3000 open, there’s still a road to tackle:

Just learned that it only supports gITF and Collada for 3D models. That sounds kinda like a deal breaker if you want to make a 3D game to be honest if you aren’t using Max or Maya (I am using Modo). At least the 2D stuff looks cool.

EDIT: Actually, it appears that fbx support might be coming soon after all. Not sure how that will work seeing as this engine is open source and I thought fbx was a licensed format.

Would like to give it a spin one of thesr days especially when i get a new pc.

Looks interesting. Their Blendspace2D documentation is a bit funny tho. It’s like they created something “cool” but don’t have a clue for what somebody might use this. xD
Even did not find something about sync markers or similar. So far not bad, but I’m afraid it would be too expensive for me to workaround the missing parts …

Free game engine is something I would avoid - maybe we have been pampered with UE4 features too much… lol.

I have experienced developing my own software based on free engines before. You spend a lot of time to do a lot by yourself and the solution leaves a lot to desire.