What are your favorite sources for royalty-free content (music, sound fx, models, etc...)

Being an independent creator, not only am I not the greatest at everything, but I just don’t have the time to do anything. Especially during the mock-up and creation phase it’s good to have quick access to resources that can be improved/changed later. What are some of your favorite sites for content? Right now, I’m especially looking for sounds, but models, and other resources are always good, too. Found and am checking them out right now. And there are other modelling & texture sites I’ve got to dig up the links for again, but I’m sure there are many others and I am always open to new sources. has some great free music that can be used for games as long as you give them credit

Umm an eric guy, don’t remember his name so good. But he let’s you use his sound tacks commercially and non-commercially so long as you give him credit.

I think you mean