What are you playing right now?

I thought it would be quiet interesting to see what the ue community (and epic´s dev´s) is playing right now.

#1 CSGO (can´t stop playing cs, don´t ask me why. played back in 99 already when it was still a beta for HL1).

#2 The Evil Within: always wanted to buy it, than steam autumn sale finally made me buy it. i don´t regret it. Good graphics, nice game play and good story imo.

#3 H1Z1: get´s from update to update more and more better. Daybreak is doing a great job in developing it. I really enjoy the direction they try to go.

Ur turn boyz :slight_smile:
before beams i played verdun, creeper world, doom, settlers 2

Fortnite, but its NDA so i am not sure if i can even compare it to other games that share elements of gameplay. All I say Fortnite is great already in alpha (at least for me).

Before Fortnite dominated them all it was:

  • Fallout 4, good for 2 full runs, now i am waiting for real mods in march. Probably will be game for next few years, just like Skyrim was until now. I love running in open world games doing random stuff.
  • Just Cause 3 (which is a lie, that huge game area that they marketed is filled like in 25% rest is quite empty), same fun with physics as jc2, but as i said feels like they did cash grab with (not)populating anything more but those 3 tiny islands and few camps on main island, extreme is volcano which is totally empty reserved for final boss fight which is a joke. So real fun in that game is less than half of what jc2 has, rest is empty filler with nothing to do. As result of less bases/cities/villages on bigger area there is much less to do, story is as silly as it6 was, but shorter, much shorter. Besides engine improvements whole game feels like expansion or cashgrab. It is disappointment for me, open world game that could be great if it was not that empty.
  • and Witcher 3, still playing it when i need some RPG fix.

I’m still playing day z standalone -> awesome pvp situations + you can meet many people :smiley:

ummm, this thread is giving me Déjà vu;).

Stalker Call of Pripyat with Chernobyl chronicles mod installed.

Plus I plan on playing MYST later today.

Ive begun Witcher-3ing… No end in sight.

That game seems never ending. I want to wait until all of the DLCs are out before I do my first playthrough. Being very busy definitely helps with putting it off. =P

Happy New Year2016
When i find time i play Creeper world 3, good for a quick game in sessions.
Hmm i bet the actual planet i play since one month, because i play only short time.

You find time to play and to create such nice MP content…
When i start playing a game, it sucks me into, i have to prevent that.
Have Thief 3 since one month perhaps, installed but never played.

I actually haven’t really played anything in months. Been too busy working on my latest pack and other things behind the scenes. Like you I’ve bought a few games but never had a chance to open/play. The only thing I checked out recently for a match or two was the new unreal tournament. I don’t know when I’ll have free time to play games again, I have a lot lined up for this year in the marketplace. =)

I played mainly Assassin Creed 3 on the PC. Its funny how fast i got used to the controls on the pc version lol.

Sonic Mega Collection Plus and Crash Twinsanity.

An old one… I Will Always Love You by Kenny Rogers