What are you Afraid of?

I’m currently in the process of making a “Horror Game”, And i would love to know what your fears are!
I already the basic concept of the game and i would just love to read what some of you guys have to say.
Who knows? maybe it would strike a change in my game? (You’ll be credited of course :D)

Heres a screenshot and video showing REALLY EARLY gameplay -

i have completed many more rooms since this video was posted :slight_smile:

(so it isnt up-to-date)

So what scares you?



You play as a character (Nonameyet) That has a terrible history with Schizophrenia. So bad, to the point he can hardly tell whats real, and whats not.
In the game you will be going through what he goes through almost on a daily basis. The game will try its best to present the element of fear to make the player paranoid. Will you find your way out of his head? Or be stuck there Forever?

I like the idea !

Thank you ! Means Alot

What am I afraid of? Trusted friends/family going crazy and turning on me.