What are these purple components and how can I get rid of them?

Pretty much I am doing the, Epic games supported, Udemy course on C++ game development.
For anyone who is familiar with the course, I am currently on the Original version of Battle Tank where you pretty much make a tank game, more specifically episode 227 “CHALLENGE - Turret Rotation”.
Previously together with the tutor I made the tanks barrel go up and down, now it’s my duty to make the turret rotate, as much as I understood it should’ve been pretty similar, but when I started actually doing my work and compiled it once these weird purple components showed up in my Tank_BP.
If you attempt to delete them nothing happens, but it does ask you to re-compile the blueprint after which nothing happens. If you attempt to rename them, Unreal Engine just crashes.
Any ideas?
For those wondering, I do have my repository, but before I jump there and do anything, maybe some of you know how to get rid of them.


Out of convention icons suggests this is some component from plugin.

Can you hover over them and see what class they are? It should give you huge hint what is going on or at least what is reponcible for this


There it shows that the source is this blueprint. This blueprint is my tank.bp. That I can just drag in to the world and it spawns a tank.

As of the 2nd of March, 2020. The issue has NOT been resolved. Instead for anyone having anything similar, I recommend going back in your repo and getting the last decent commit you had.