What are these nodes?


I want to program an AI, but I don’t know where is theses blueprints.

Can someone helps me ??
fullGraph (2).png

The 1st one is a cast to the “Follower_AI_CON” class, and won’t show up unless you have that class. The 2nd one is an equals(object) comparison operator.

how can I do the “Follower_AI_CON” class

You’ll need to have it somewhere, whether it be in the engine files, or in your project.

I have it, it’s a complete blueprint

Drag out a node of the object, make sure “Context Sensitive” is on (top right corner) and type “Cast to Follower_AI_CON”.

In addition: Google and learn about C++ inheritance and casting. Then you will understand what the node is and how to use it.

The lower of the pictures is a node that compares Assets…
and it has a != on it and != = not equal.
So the node tests if some asset is not equal to some other asset.
and gives a true if the assets are different and a false if they are the same.