What are the pros and cons of multiple event graphs in a single blueprint?

I see it is possible to add more than one event graph to a blueprint, what are the pros and cons of multiple event graphs?

That’s a bit of a vague question :wink:

Also, once you get coding, you will inevitably end up with multple graphs in one BP, probably also some functions and macros. It is good to group things together that are related, but it’s also good to keep other things separate…

I meant the main “EventGraph” graph, not function graphs, is it literally for organising things into groups?

From what I understand it’s only for organizational purposes. There doesn’t appear to be any cons to it. =)

Did you mean the entire BP or the entire graph? Because if the entire BP needs to be rebuilt having multiple Event Graphs will offer no benefit as they are still part of the BP.

Cheers bro.