What are the plans for integrating Dedicated and Linux building into the downloaded editor? (rocket)

I have for the most part have been using a non edited version of a self compiled editor since UE4 started, and at this point with the release of PDBs for each editor release, I would LOVE to get rid of the hassle of compiling the full editor myself each release, and just stick only with the distributed version.

The two things that are making the transition a big pain for me and not allowing me to fully migrate to a “non-github” build are:

  1. The inability of a distributed version to build a dedicated server (The biggest issue)

  2. The inabillity of a distributed version to target linux via cross compilation / the linux toolchain (Lesser, but still an issue)

Neither seems possible to do with “rocket” (the downloaded editor), and a quick glance over the following doc seems to confirm the above to the best of my knowledge:

I would like to pose the following questions to whoever on the Epic team (or whoever else) can answer:

~ Is the above in fact true, or is there some way to compile a dedicated and/or linux server with rocket that I am not aware of.

~ If the above is in fact not possible with rocket, are there plans to make it possible in the future? (Mainly being able to compile a dedicated server part, but also cross compiling with a rocket editor / project).

Again, I’m very happy about the inclusion of PDB’s with the rocket editor, but these are the two big remaining questions I have about the rocket editor at this point, and I would appreciate whatever input anyone can provide.


Hi Merlin,

Currently they are not included in the launcher version as a trade off between flexibility and download size. We want to eventually provide each of the platforms/configurations/etc… as separate optional installable components (probably with some presets for the most common combinations). However, I don’t know what the timeline for optional downloads is.


Thanks for the quick answer !

I look forward to the feature as soon as it’s available.