What are the maximum vertices for an FBX import?

In the previous installments of UDK there was a limitation of 65k or so vertices on mesh importing. Last night I tried importing an Earth sphere with about 147k on it and it was successfully imported, placed, etc.

What is UE4’s limitation for vertices/faces/etc?
I have some models with around 1m that I’d like to import without splitting it up.

There is no limit anymore, but importing may take a while depending on your hardware.

I say, low as possible without losing quality, saying that you won’t need over 35-45k polly

That says I’m on a trial

I asked because the 1m vert model im using is the engineering schematic of the ISS. can’t really reduce it by much, but breaking it up into modules & truss segments was a lot more work than just import > wait

plus i can manage all the materials more easily with just one enormous model

not too worried about laggyness since the entire scene is just giant sphere + iss

Try retopology

Wow that must be a ■■■■ big model if it can not be split up and you wanna keep using it :smiley: Whatever, UE4 is mighty, so why not challenge it :wink:

so i tried importing the 1m and no luck, crashed a few seconds into import two times. submitted both crash reports
no harm done though, as i had already done a bit of work splitting it up into modules for import into udk a few months ago

I successfully imported a model of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E…it has like 3.8 Mtris…it took 20 minutes with the editor actually going grey and my CPU glowing white but it worked YAY. It’s 1:1 size (almost 800m long) and displays without any render error - BIG thanks Epic! <3