What are the differences between Empty Actor, Empty Character, & Empty Pawn?

I’m just trying to understand the differences between the Empty Actor, Empty Character, & Empty Pawn and trying to understand when is the best time to use each type.

For a vehicle controlled by the player which one is the correct choice?

For a player character in the vehicle which is the correct choice?

I’ve used the alt+ctrl to see the additional info on each item, it all seems to have some overlap. Any clarification and additional info you can provide would be fantastic. I guess I want someone to speak from experience here. What is the right and wrong way to do this stuff?

Currently I’ve settled on the idea that you would use a standard pawn for the vehicle and player. It seems the Empty character actor is specifically reserved for bipedal walking movement. Actor could be used but I would have to add additional components to it. With the pawn actor it comes preloaded with some components for movement etc. Is this everyone’s assessment as well? What is the right way to do this stuff? Thanks for any guidance in advance for this rookie.

The differences are the parent class and the inherited properties each gains from their parent types.
Empty Character still has character’s functions given from it’s parent class.

Inheritance I think I understand. The question is which functions am I getting for each option and when is the best time to use each option based on past experiences.

Both Empty Pawn and Empty Character Inherit from Empty Actor and Empty Character also inherits from Pawn… Is this correct?

To make it simple
An Actor is a thing that you can spawn and place in the world
A pawn is an actor that a playercontroller can possess and take control off
a character is a pawn with movement functionalities(capsule collision,mesh , movement component (walk,run, jump,crouch,swim…))
a vehicle is a pawn with vehicle physics functionalities(physics,wheels…)

Perfect! Thanks for the guidance guys!