What are the Dead Space type cutscenes called?

Normally cutscenes are just a break in the game and it switches cameras and takes away from the continuous story. However Dead Space has it so the cutscenes work no matter where you are when you trigger the cutscene, like it doesnt required a fixed camera position to switch to. What is that called and how do you make something like that where the player can be anywhere in the trigger and the animation will like move the player to the required location no matter where he was in the beginning.

I don’t think they have a special name. They simply lerp the current player position to the desired one and then the animation starts. You can see it in quite a lot of games, especially Mass Effect where Shepard gets sometimes teleported into the right pose for the conversation cutscene.

It’s the same as any cutscene, except they don’t wrestle the controls and camera away from the player and is shot in a way so the player can still interact with it.

Create an actor (call it cutscene-trigger or whatever), in that you create a trigger box (collision box); On Event Begin Overlap, move player to the desired location (in the move player node or update position node there’s a teleport option); next activate the animations of the npc-characters, through a casting from that cutscene-trigger actor.

Then active the external camera for that cutscene you want to use (which you have already placed in the correct position before). That’s all you should have to do.