What are the Bone Limitations in UE4?

What will be the bone limits for skeletal meshes in UE4? Hard limit for UE3 is 255 – will this carry over into UE4 as well? And how many weights can be assigned per bone? Is it still 4?

Didn’t see any mention of this in documentation, so I thought I’d find out here.

Max bone indices is 65536 in UE4. We use 2 bytes now. Max weights per bone is still 4.



What is the limit per mesh? It was 75 right? What is it now?

We now support 8 bone weights per vertex; using more than 4 influences will automatically make it go through the 8-bones path, which has a performance cost (extra vertex streams and vertex shader cost).

That has increased also but it’s per project set up. Right now default is 255, but you can set for your project if you’d like to support low spec machine.