What are the best practices for UMG?

Hey guys!

Started with Unreal not too long ago and have a fair knowledge of blueprints and such in the Unreal Engine. Now with the new UMG available for making HUDS, I was wondering, what are the best practices for the UMG?

Which is the best way to communicate within blueprints with UMG? As in Playercontroller to UMG or level to UMG? or all three?

For example: for a multplayer game, does every player control their own HUD? (To me this sounds more logical, but maybe there is a better way?) Or does the level blueprint communicate with the HUD?

I hope the question is clear enough, Cheers!

I would have each player controller own their own HUD widget. We’re actually discussing making AHUD be another location to host widgets to make this more obvious.

Thanks for the reply, Ill focus on that method! Looking forward to the new feature and wondering how it would work.