What are the advantages of possessing A.I. pawns?

Hi, I’m working on a prototype for a Turn Based Shooter similar to XCOM. I have data regarding all the pawns available to me at all times. This includes both the current active pawn, all friendlies and enemy units as well. And the A.I. units move and execute Line of Sight based attacks right now, but they’re not being possessed by any controller. Currently I’m starting to move this basic A.I. functionality into Behavior Trees. But I don’t understand any reason for possessing these units with my AI controller. And I’m not using the nav mesh, so I don’t require any of the ‘Move To’ functionalities. Could anyone give me more details about the advantages (long term or short term) of having the A.I. controllers possess these units, instead of just issuing commands to them directly while having the controller only to run behavior tree and set blackboard values?

I’ve also posted the question in the AnswerHub, but haven’t received any response yet. So if you’d like to answer there, here’s the link:

Edit: I’m thinking of having an invisible pawn actor that my AI Controller can possess. This pawn actor by itself would make no changes to the gameplay, but the AI Controller lets me run the Behavior Tree. However as for the rest of the active pawn units, I can use them without possessing them. I would just like to know the limitations with this approach.