What are the 4GB in Stat Memory?

When you type stat memory you get this window. stat_memory.jpg

I am not sure what those 4gb on the right represent.Ram or Gpu memory that the engine sets as a limit for your game level and you can not surpass it??

Going to bump this just for a random opinion as it does not appear to be on udn.A friend on the forum told me that is probably the maximum ram for a 32 bit executable.

If that is the ram:
The question is, since the editor is in 64bit and my game will be in 64 bit, does that mean it will still be limited to 4gb ram of usage as if it was a 32 bit game? Doesn’t make sense as in theory, the 64 bit of the game should use all of the OS ram(like the editor does) .Do I have to search for those 4GB somewhere in the inis to modify it(no idea where) or this doesn’t matter under 64 bit build>that hopefully will use all the ram it needs and Epic just didn’t bother to update the ‘‘visual representation’’ of the stat memory command under 64 bits?

This is mainly as im using a lot of textures(and although i am optimizing them and playing with their channels for maximum use) the game might end up using more than 4gb of ram per level and don’t want to end with a pikachu face :wink:

@O_and_N How are you building you game for 64 bit? Unless you have the UE3 source.

Good morning :smiley: .Its stock UDK. After a cooked build game level for testing i just copy the win64 folder from the udk Binaries and paste it in to the game installation binaries folder and use the exe that is in the win64 folder.Once launched, the window bar on top does say 64bit so i assume i am using a 64bit game?(going on faith with that haha)
Also in this thread>post 11 i wrote how you can actually cook and package with frontend in 64bit.…ng-with-64-bit

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Wait wait, are you sayiing you can deliver UDK 64bit ??? : D sorry I am actually that dumb… x

Yeah when this engine was made XP could only handle 4 gigs ram max. Here Is a quote about XP

So it probably about the ram.

You can compile in 64 bit just use the 64 bit exe to compile the code. Then it will be in 64 bit. Only reason we did not compile in 64 bit and use 64 bit was our dll was 32 bit only. So the code did not run right without a 64 bit dll. If you have an external dll that works with your code make sure you make it 64 bit, so you can use the 64 bit properly.

@gamepainters Do you know about packaging the game in Frontend at 64bit?

No i did not read about that at all. I have compiled the 64 bit to see it work, but our 32 dll is interacting with game code for stats and it did not work with our dll so i quit messing with it.

Edit: just read about it. did not realize that was going on, nice to see you guys have got it figured out. :slight_smile: