What are some network optimisation features inbuilt in Ue4?

What are some inbuilt mechanisms by which UE4 decreases the amount of total bandwidth used in replication behind the scenes?

For example. we know from documentation that server only sends a property update when it changes on the server.

But that’s the only one I know of and had questions about other techniques that seemingly might be already in use or might not be.

  1. Are bitfields used for sending multiple bools for same class? e.g packing 5 bools into a 8- bit integer instead of 5 bytes for each bool and send it over network and unpack on receive?

  2. Does UE4 skips the parameter on a RPC if the passed argument was the default argument (as default argument will always be known by client), for this situation currently I emulate it by using two functions one with parameter and one without it.

  3. Are multiple RPC calls in same tick grouped as a single packet with no of calls instead of a separate packet for each call?

As you can see I want to know about some of the salient features like this