What are some good books on game design?

I want to learn more on game design but i’m not sure what books to get, I have 2 right now but i dont know if they are any good, they are:

Game Design Workshop: A playcentric approach to creating innovative games 2nd Edition by Tracy Fullerton
The Art of Game Design by Jesse Schell

any other suggestions?

My suggestion learn how to use Maya 2015 get the monthly subscription based or Maya LT 2015 which is $30 other than paying $100 plus a month for Maya. Once you learned how to use Maya learning Blueprint would be much easier. What do you need to learn on Maya? Well you need to know how to make basic models and animation. Why do you need to know all these things? Because In Unreal Engine all you need is Blueprint if you don’t know how to model and animate then you can’t make games in-fact you don’t need to learn to model or animate just learn Blueprint, but take it from me relying on free models or paid ones will not cut it. I prefer doing it on my own.

If you have friends with same interest get them to pay Unreal Engine one time and keep the old version for life and update when you need it.