What are my options for making a persistent 50-100 person dedicated server?

Hello fellow developers!!!

This question is specifically for UE5. I couldn’t find anywhere else to post this, so I figured general would work fine.

I am working on an open world survival game similar to DayZ. I have spent some time looking at various options to create a persistent dedicated server such as SpatialOS, a random thread from 2016 where a guy made a custom server for an MMORPG amongst other threads and sites. I have a few questions I’d like to ask anyone who has experience with the issue of persistent dedicated multiplayer games could answer.

My multiplayer requirements:

  • Due to my game being ran in a private community that is invite only I am not worried about cheaters so if this opens up new possibilities I’m all ears.

  • Player limit needs to be 50-100 concurrent players.

  • My world is 8129kx8129k with 1024 components and it is seamless and uses world partition, nanite and lumen.

  • My game world needs to be persistent where it acts similar to DayZ in the sense it keeps playing even when nobody is in game and saves the state of the world every few minutes and upon server shutdown. Also player states and AI states are saved as well as other important information. Players log out and log in to the same place with the same inventory etc.

  • I need a comprehensive logging system as well as a GUI or console to input custom made commands into. I dont think the out of the box UE5 dedicated server has comprehensive logging systems in place?

What are my options for completing this? All suggestions are welcomed. I have experience with many programming languages so writing some custom code is not out of the question if thats my only path forward. I have also dealt with CURL and RPC frameworks in the past. So I have minimal networking experience but I will learn what is needed to get the task done.

Appreciate your help in advance :pray: