What are good programs to use along side unreal engine 4 ?

I was wondering what programs would be best to use with unreal engine 4 when it comes to making things like animations , sound , models , meshes , materials , levels , textures, and anything else im not thinking of how much of this ca nyou do in unreal and what programs would you recommend we pick up ? ( if it helps we are looking to a make an fps with a cartoonist art style )

Most of the content for games has to be made outside of the engine, UE4 is for putting it all together and setting up gameplay.

Right i had figured as much any programs you can recommend ?

Depends on how much you want to spend. Blender is pretty much basic coupled with makehuman, but it has a good sized learning curve compared to other programs like Maya, 3dmax and others. Expect the main fact that Blender is free, and the others cost a pretty penny.

personally I use blender for modelling/animating(some small amounts of texturing as well), I use Gimp and/or Krita to create my textures, levels are made in UE4 and I’m not an audio guy so cant answer that one:p

Thank you for the help

I recommend Substance Painter for texturing - it’s simply thee best for PBR texturing.

+1 for this
Blender and Gimp are awesome! :smiley: