what are default created objects in runtime

hi , i have just some object at start , 2eb8d33379ace6a254f4398a707714597bd81b9c.png , but after i pressed Play button , there are some object i didnt created , who is created them ? ty 58832513c246285edafa594f332b10b798defb95.png , ty

The game mode and other coded/blueprints stuff have created/spawned them -> e.g default paw, HUD

if i dont create paw , HUD , they are created by engine? can i disable this? what are numbers 24 , 25 postfix?

Numbers are IDs of created objects. Yes you can disable this, by rewriting gameplay framework.

You’ll be able to define default pawn as none in some of future releases AFAIK, but you’ll get some other stuff spawned anyway. Are you sure you need to get rid of these defaults actors?