What am I supposed to do with all these pieces?!

Hi, I am a newbie in Unreal (coming from Unity) and I recently downloaded a .FBX file of a AK gun model together with some texture maps. When I import the fbx file into Unreal however… I get a BUNCH of different assets (instead of just one asset like in Unity).

What am I supposed to do with all these assets? The gun comes in pieces… am I supposed to assemble all the parts? I am not a gun expert… I have no idea where these pieces are supposed to be or how to put them together… please help.

Looks like you’ll have to contact the author to figure it out.

Just from looking at your image, and seeing all those assets, looks like they were trying to break it down into a bunch of pieces so that the gun would be modular and customizable (kind of like in games like Crysis, CoD, etc.)

I think that gets too complicated for most people, you’d prob be better off with a gun asset that is simpler and made up of the gun body, magazine, and charging handle.

I think I would be able to assemble the pieces (by using the original model images as refrence or the OBJ file). I just need to know how you assemble modular pieces in Unreal. In Unity you just put the main AK chassi into the game and then make the pieces of the gun children of that game object. Does it work the same way in Unreal or do you have to use that built in mesh editor that Unreal has (I think its called “Persona” or something), if so…how? I have not found any good tutorials that cover skeletal meshes that are NOT characters.

Look for that color code.
Pink is skeletal mesh.
Get familiar with stuff, when you make a doubleclick on it and editor for asset is opening.
Add socket and then parent/place every module, where it has to be.
You could add permanent one to socket in skeleditmode.
Or create a blueprint and add them there.
Green is animation, click double onto it.
Problem will be, to find fps arms, that fit onto those anims.
When this are your first steps in ue, then good luck, not easy stuff. ^^

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So as I have understood it… you cant actually attach meshes in Persona you can just preview them? You have to use blueprint classes (I assume this is the equivalent of a prefab in Unity) to actually attach the pieces to the AK chassi? Do you have to do it via scripting?

Yes, one way is to attach pieces to the main weapon body via Blueprint (construction script).

Honestly, whoever made that asset, made it way too overcomplicated for beginners and that should have been stated before purchasing. I would get in touch with the author and ask them to provide a video tutorial that shows you how to put it all together. It’s not incredibly difficult, and actually pretty easy for a seasoned scripter, but for a beginner it’s going to be a lot of work and headache. Get in touch with the author, they should take responsibility for supporting their product.