What Am I Not Getting: when it comes to the built in crouch bools, events and actions?

A little perplexed here and the built in crouch related functions are to blame. I thought I could perhaps clean things up a little using them. Nope.

While using built in crouch I cant set up a jump from crouch.

isCrouched and isCrouching are both false while crouched and ‘WantToCrouch’ is true while crouched. They flip when not crouched. The kicker is they will work as they are true in some instances but not others. It’s strange.

Oh, and the Event “OnJumped” won’t work with Branch Bools using those built in crouch bools.

Then, if you have the “on crouch” and “on uncrouch” events in use the crouch bools will go to one value and then to the other with one action.

What am I not getting here? Played around with it for hours today. I went back to just using a created crouch bool and setting the value as needed.

Can Jump Function is not allowing jump from crouch (is on ground and not crouched). You can override/modify this function though. You can also try Launch Character. e.g. On jump pressed -> If crouched -> Launch Character.