What am I missing?

Hello, I’m having some issues with armor, specifically getting new armor assets in the game. I cannot for the life of me find where the skeletal mesh for the armor pieces is referenced in the blueprints. So you have the engram blueprint that links to the primal item blueprint and with weapons you have the weapon template that you can change the skeletal mesh in. With the armor blueprints though there is no armor template in which you could change the skeletal mesh of the armor piece. Does anyone know where or even if this is something one can change?

Have you checked “actor class attachment infos” in the PrimalItemArmor BPs? There is a field for attaching a skeletal mesh component, though having no experience with these things, I’m not sure how exactly it works. It would appear that the skeleton to use is pre-defined in the meshes themselves.
Just in case, the meshes themselves can be found in PrimalEarth\Human\Male (or Female)\Outfits

Thank you Sench, I had checked that and then promptly forgot about it hah! Need to write these things down. I was staring right at it, wasn’t till I read the first line you wrote that I remembered that the “component to attach” had a drop down menu with the mesh selection in it. Thanks again!

they are probaly attachet to a socket