What am I missing with my Bool conditions?

In the image provided I have Circled what should be the matching , the ones in red should be but are not. the blue ones should be and are. Also provided is the BP script that made these results the out put pin is used to set text values for cost.
(and later for actual purchases to ensure the player or merchant can buy said items)

Note I am new to this board but not new to unreal I hope this post found (finds) its way to the correct location

You got the logic wrong. All you need is the category to be ‘trades goods’ and it will always be true…

I don’t think i explained it well enough… to help in understand Ill try to break it down …
Category “trade goods” is for items that have an “art” value and trade with the same value as you buy them, so their value never changes save for an overall percentage per nation/region .
all the other items are as normal with the sell value being significantly lower than its buy value …
in this case 1/3 the amount…
the top pic shows the player : Named “quinn” purchased an "apple juice "from the merchant which appears now in the Buy back section of The player’s inventory giving the player a chance to change their mind and have the merchant “buyback” the item for full refund. the player has however sold an “apple juice” they already had which was originally in their inventory but now appears in the merchants “Buyback” section… all this remains until the window is closed.
so if “is from player” is true it came from the players inventory and went to merchant buy back (red markings) if “is From Player” and a “Buy back” it is the opposite… from merchant to player

if the item is bought from merchant inventory “is from player = false” it goes into the player buyback and if that is true as well it came from player buy back and gets returned to the merchant…
I hope this all makes sense
the issue is the item coming from the player going to merchant buyback should be the same but is not i know i need one more condition the OR boolean but I’m not sure what exactly.
also reminder this effect is temp and the player can only “buy back” at same price during the same transaction. and “trade Goods” items can be Always bought and sold at same price

Your function is trying to calculate the price. What I’m saying is, all you have to do, is set the category to ‘trade goods’, and the price will always be the gold price. Regardless of anything else.

You possibly mean something like this, although, as you can see, there is an outstanding case:

OK so looking at your example… it was enough to wet my noodle and get me on the right track And below is what I Came up with

Thank you for helping me in coming up with what i needed

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