What am I missing. Weapkn equipping / switching

Hi all. I’ve got a prototype of a game im working on and I’m now extending features n what not.
I’ve been trying to implement a weapon switching system but I just cant get my head around it.
I figured I might be able to make something off the top of my head but I couldn’t get anything working so I started following the Shooter Tutorial here

My needs are a little different to that projects however.

The player should spawn with just 1 weapon equipped and selected. With the ability to hold 3 in total.
Switch weapons with the scroll wheel. Slot 1, 2, 3.
Pickup weapons on the floor. Either adding them to the next empty slot or replacing the currently selected weapon and dropping it on the floor.

Here is what I have for the weapon system so far. Just using the first person template as a base for now while i get things working.

But I just cant seem to figure it out. if u want something like this, i think u should know inventory system :smiley:

I have an inventory system…

It just isn’t equipping the weapons.