What am I forgetting to include? error Lnk2001

I’ve extended the character movement component class and I’m going through overriding the methods that I need to. There are many in there that I have to modify slightly for my purposes. But my modifications are just dealing with the vector logic throughout it. I’m getting an error now when I try to compile

error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "__declspec(dllimport) public: static struct FAIRequestID const FAIRequestID::CurrentRequest" (__imp_?CurrentRequest@FAIRequestID@@2U1@B)

So I’m a little confused about what I could be failing to include because this is an extension to the character movement component. Already I’ve noticed that I had to include #include “Navigation/PathFollowingComponent.h” because I see there are several instances of this

if (PathFollowingComp.IsValid())
	PathFollowingComp->AbortMove(TEXT("missed jump"));

Why do I need to add this include when it is already included in the character movement component. And what could I be failing to include for this new link error?

Okay so that one if statement is the problem. If I don’t #include “Navigation/PathFollowingComponent.h” then I get red line under PathFollowingComp->AbortMove(TEXT(“missed jump”)); But if I include it and leave that if statement in I get a LNK error. How can I access the parent class Path Following Component?

I added “AIModule” to the Build.cs, deleted intermediate folder and regenerated project files. Having the pathfollowingcomponent.h included resolved the link error