What am i doing wrrong ?

I cant select/chose widget class inside widget component setings why is that ?

I rly want to use this widget in 3d space ;<

You seem to be doing nothing wrong as this should work just fine.

At a glance, it looks like a very old bug persisting through versions 4.10 - 4.12 where 3d widgets were still experimental but you’re using 4.16, right?

Things you can try:

  • Ensure you’re running a single instance of the editor.
  • Ensure the widget blueprint you’re assigning is not marked as dirty - is compiled with no warnings/errors.
  • Delete the component, compile, add it, assign widget class again. ( yup, off/on again :expressionless: )

Also, have a look at the OutputLog: Window>DeveloperTools>OutputLog - are there any warnings / errors?

I bet you can’t reproduce it in an empty project.

That log thing is useless. How can we resolve an error in the engine if the engine dosen’t know what the error is
and just says in read ERROR Unknown.

Do you have anything in the construction script?

I made some reasearch and in new blank project it is working.

EDIT: OOOO MY GOD ! It wasnt working cuz i had ‘)’ in folder name where widget was. I just renamed the folder and it works fine.

Unreal couldnt not find the folder. I come up with solusion when i saw error log that was ->
LogLinker: Can’t find file ‘/Game/moje/obrazki_na_’
LogLinker: Can’t find file ‘/Game/moje/obrazki_na_’
LogLinker: Can’t find file ‘/Game/moje/obrazki_na_’
LogLinker: Can’t find file ‘/Game/moje/obrazki_na_’
LogLinker: Can’t find file ‘/Game/moje/obrazki_na_’

name just stopped on ‘)’

That means you lose the bet cuz i can ;D
I just have to create folder with ) in name :wink:

I’ll just suck it up then! Good find, never realised that was a thing.
Output log ftw.

Couldn’t disagree more.

1 more thing if i may ask.
I got bluprint interface. When player is looking at button(line trace) button shows massage “press”. The problem is that i want massage to disaper when player is not looking at button (is there a way to do it without tick event inside button bluprint?)
And how can i restart widget animation in event graph in bluprint.




I’am not sure what should i do in last bluprint. How can i restart animation when “event widze” i called and how can i hide text when “event widze” is deactiveted

Well, how do you fix it then if the Log or the build dosen’t know what the error is and says its just unknown and and can’t tell you anything more about it?