What am i doing wrong?

Hello Epic and community,

first off sorry if it is the wrong place for this post.

I have a problem at building the “Third Person Code” project following this tutorial:

In VS 2013 Express:

-Solution Configurations = DebugGame_Editor
-Solution Platforms = 64bit

I rightclick on my module and in the contextmenu i select “Debug -> Start New Instance”
then it compiles for about 1h
and then i’m getting an errormessage that i’m out of diskspace.

The unrealengine folder get’s bigger than 15gb !? (about 6gb before compiling third person template !!)

Is that normal?
Because it seems to me that the whole engine get’s compiled again.

Is it just as simple as it seems that i have to get me an additional harddrive or am i doing something else wrong?

That’s normal. My UE4 folder is 19gb. Make sure you clear up some hard drive space before compiling.

I did that tutorial and the first compile takes a while, but I remember it being a few minutes not more than an hour. It sounds like you might be compiling the entire engine from source. For the purposes of that tutorial you should be able to launch the pre-built editor and simply create a code project from there. It should be fairly quick to compile your project specific code.

My unrealengine folder isn’t quite that large. It’s about 10GB. You can look inside for any “backup” folders. I had one for 4.0 and 4.1 which were taking up several gigs each. I assume it saves them as a precaution if you are converting projects and need to roll-back to a previous version of the engine/project. I have no serious projects going that would need any kind of backup so I simply deleted them.

I also store all my project files on my secondary data drive because my OS is on an SSD and it tends to fill up really quickly with only a few test projects.

Hi uberman,

Are you still having trouble with this? If you are, please create a new post on the AnswerHub, and we will investigate it further there.