What am i doing wrong

im trying to move the cone up by standing on the plate.
When testing, nothing happens.

Try this:

You set the ActorRotation from the TriggerBox.
You have to get the reference from the Cone!

Now now, im going to show a magical way of doing this, while hoping i dont get things overcomplicated for you since i dont know how well you know the unreal engine, so i will explain what i do as i go along.
first, create a new blueprint right clicking your content browser

select blueprint class, and select actor.

on this new actor, create a “collision box”, and a “cone”, and add whatever cosmetics you want to the blueprint (maybe another color floor under your collision box, maybe some flowers, who knows)

now, add a new variable which is vector, make sure you make it editable and 3d widget is shown.


now we go to our construction script, and we add this simple code

it basically tells the game to set the cones location to be the vectors location, now using this, you can go to your level, create your new blueprint, and it will show a widget implying that there is a vector there. select the widget, and move it around to move your cone where you like.

On our event graph, i recommend you to use collision check like this

we will pin the actor begin overlap to our normal slot in timeline, and end overlap to reverse.

now to explain what the last image is, im assuming you only want to move your cone up and down, however on your code when timeline starts, it will snap to 0,0,z, because when you made the vector, you left x and y values blank which attunes them “0”, to get around this, im basically getting the current values of x,y,z and only adding the timelines value to the z value
hope this helps you! feel free to ask if anything gets confusing

omg, thank you!
this worked perfectly!