What am I doing wrong?

I’m trying to make a scoring system for my first game. What am I doing wrong? It’s giving me this notice and the my script doesn’t work at all. :confused:

Here is my attachment, sorry I forgot

You have to return something like empty string in case the cast is failed.
I mean, you need to add 1 more ReturnNode with (for example) empty string value, or error text.

In programmers world the enotice you get would be: “Not all code path return a value” :smiley:

But this wouldn’t occur because his cast always fail and do not have any action in that case?

No, the compiler is looking for all possible ways. And in case of failed cast this blueprint have no any return value. The cast is not filing always, maybe it have not fired at all, but the compiler must ensure, that if something bad will happen - the system/engine/program whatever will be able to handle it.

Thank you for the answer man, the note is gone :slight_smile: But unfortunately my Widget isn’t updating at all :confused:
I’ll attach all my blueprints, thank you :slight_smile:


Have you tested, doese you cast fails? looks like you have taken everything out of function, but still, you are not checking for failed casts