What am I doing wrong with sharing assets between my coworker and me?

Alright so, we are very new to this and thought we did everything correctly but obviously something went wrong. We both are co-workers and collaborate using Github. This is a Blueprint project, I am simply getting some assets over to him in an empty project (outside of the assets I sent him) for him to get started on our next project while he waits for me. (He already has the project made). Anyways, I uploaded everything to Github, he downloaded it but the files aren’t showing up in the content browser. They are clearly there in the explorer file but we cannot figure out why he is unable to see the assets. We pay for a team setup in Github, we are able to see and utilize other projects together (although up till now it was his Unity projects). We simply assumed it would work as flawlessly as Unity. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

We are both using the exact same build.

Is your your coworker using the same build or higher as you? If they’re using an earlier build then some assets will not show up in the editor