What advice could I use to optimize a game for iOS and Android?

Hi all.

What are the advices to optimize game for Apple and Android?

For example i have quite very simply scene, and its not much smooth on iPad Mini 2, and its terrible (ugly graphic + very low FPS - 18) on iPhone 4S.

But i know, that the original games from Epic like Cathedral looks good on these devices, so what are the advices how to optimize the games for mobiles?

Thank you


Have you found the mobile guidelines yet? There’s a ton of stuff on performance

The main thing is to make sure you turn off most of the PP effects. Things like DOF are on by default because the same settings are shared between mobile and desktop, but on mobile DOF costs a lot.

WOW, i disabled Mobile HDR and it seems to me that the FPS is higher by 20 on iPad good ! I knew about this link but then i lost it and could not find it again.