What about VERSE the rumored new scripting language?

It doesn’t seem to be in the current Early Access release. Will it be in the final version?


I am also hoping for information about Verse. This probably has nothing to do with Verse, but I noticed the following on the Noteworthy Changes page:

Blueprint Nativization will not exist in UE5EA. Projects that leveraged this feature should not see any changes or need to receive any modifications in order to function properly, though performance may be impacted. If this happens, developers will need to take other optimization approaches.

Does that mean it’s only removed during Early Access? Will it be back when UE5 is released?

If not, this seems like a strange thing to be removed… decreasing the performance of Blueprints without a replacement. Unless Verse DOES become a reality, I suspect we will need to be doing more coding in C++.


Uh oh… no nativization is bad.

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My personal hunch is that they want BP and Verse to compile down to the same representation and that would require reworking the nativization feature. Don’t know if that’s the case or not but if it were it’d make sense to remove it

This is why I ignore rumors.

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I would love to get more info on this. I think Verse is the best feature I saw from the last year’s UE5 introduction, yet no words whatsoever. Pretty disappointing.


I downloaded ue5 just for that scripting language (so tired of pointers crashing whole thing in C++)
But it seems VERSE it is not yet available. :frowning:


I actually have built a custom language parser that I put on hold because I also thought this new scripting system would be available built-in to UE5… Looks like we have to wait a bit more.

Yeah, it’s a bummer. Since it’s not a rumor, I thought it will be available at the preview. I’m not sure what’s holding it up but I think it’s better to introduce early so that we have a chance to give some feedback before it gets written in stone.

Nanite and Lumen will change how artists work forever. In my opinion, it’s a paradigm shifter. Likewise, ff Verse is what think it is, it will change how programmers (and BluePrinters) work with UnrealEngine as well. Yet, many do not know what they even don’t know. ^^

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It would be funny if “Verse” was the text version of blueprints, which is what they want to achieve to stop being binary files.
And programaers would use blueprints without knowing it. :joy:
Although watching the video “Verse” seems like a way to add modding easily.

No, that already existed in 2019. :wink:

I thought it was still experimental, so can you merge blueprints in a text editor?