What about making objects always show above others?

In order to prevent the weapons from intersecting with walls, I used to make the weapons small and close to the viewpoint in FPS games.
However, I want my game to work on oculus too, and this way the weapons looks weird ( like they are on your nose ).
Is there a way to fix it?
I know UE3 has this option.

Just out of the blue:
Why dont you do collision checks on the weapon model?
Or, Alternatively, use blocking volumes that are offset from the wall, so the player cant get close enough to stick the weapon in…

Because it could get very annoying when you can’t go in certain ways because you hold a big weapon.

Epic are working on a system for non VR

And for VR, assuming you’re using the OR, you could render the weapon as a different layer, once reprojection has taken place. I’m not sure how UE4 handles rendering layers though - I know OR handles them and Unity takes advantage of this.

Alternatively, many FPSs have a raised gun position that the gun is put into when you get too closed to walls.

Thanks, I know unity can do it using layers, but UE4 don’t have that option at the moment.
I was hoping to not having to make workarounds like the one you suggested ( even though it is more realistic ) because i’m making a classic style game like doom that doesn’t implement this behavior.

But that sounds very “realistic” to me. Indeed it is cumbersome walkking around with a big gun… :slight_smile:

In VR anytime a 3d object of depth (Like a gun) is forced to render in front of another 3d object whose depth occludes the first object by some degree (wall), it ends up looking like the first object is carved into the naturally occluding object because of the depth perception in stereo. This tends to give me a cross-eyed like uncomfortable feeling in Rift. So if you can find a way to modify the gun’s position or animation as KVogler and Jimmy_Jazz suggested might be best solution for VR comfort, instead of forcing it to a layer.