What about Array* Event Dispatchers?

Just like Event Dispatchers are so great… they would become even greater if we could simply bind events and call them with Index…

Now we would have to bind events to an index.

As many events as we like, per index.

Just recently i wanted to be able to just add events bound to an event dispatcher and call them separately depending on index. Which is where this idea came from.

Just something to consider implementing. This isn’t needed. Or at least for me, so far this would be a small help.

Just an idea. Perhaps a bad one(?)

Not really sure why you would need that. If you needed to call different events based on something you could have some logic that sets an enum, then send that enum value when calling the event dispatcher. In the bound side you can take the enum and do Switch on Enum and get a bunch of execution wires which will run depending on which enum was sent to the dispatcher call.

Did you look at Interfaces?