What about a marketplace content of whole menu including settings/options?

What happened, I was learning & making menu implementing settings/options for my own game, the fact is I’m actually make things kinda unique & I had been a Graphics Designer. Found that it’s actually looking pretty cool & unique also some easy key implementation for variant setting such as mouse wheel for smooth camera zooming, num (+,-) for FOV etc. Though probably I’m not going to show nor publish until my own game releases.

So would it be cool to make it available the Whole menu system including setting for a low price at marketplace, I don’t know how the existing marketplace content been apply to the buyers project but I’ve my own understanding and I can make videos/guide to implement & alter the content accordingly, not only that, I mentioned I had been a graphics designer so can make alternative buttons collections for those menus.

I could not find it appropriate in marketplace section neither at work in progress so posting here at general.