What a machine weight of a state machine mean

please can anyone explain what a machine weight of a state machine mean . im noticing that even the first state of the state machine its evaluated all the time but this condition gives 0 until the next state start.Am i understanding this corect? . i cant find it in the ue4 docs .

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same ask here.

same ask

You know what’s just downright sick? How the Unreal Community Hoards Knowledge about Animation Blueprints…critical knowledge that you really need to know to make your own…There’s so many nodes inside the Animation Blueprint that you literally have to guess or beg developers with 5+ years of experience to tell you what they are and how they work because there is literally no valuable information on them in the Documents/YouTube/Forums…

In this case I’m going to have to guess since this 2+ year old post never got answered which is downright sad…

To Add too this since knowledge on State Weights are also hoarded…I spent 3 days trying to figure out what they were and out of that time was only able to get one person to offer any insight

From what I was told A State Weight is the current states blend amount…so that if it’s fully blended it will be 1 and if it isn’t it will be 0

Knowing this I would say that Machine Weights probably act the same way except for State Machines Rather then the current state your in within one.

From my understanding you can say ‘State Weight != 1’ in such a case that you might want to use a different transition rule with a different blend time to control how the next state is transitioned too…For Example if your characters turning their head n-sync with your cursor and your halfway between looking forward and looking left then you may want to have a blend duration…whereas when the state is fully blended from one to the other you would want to transition instantly. This would prevent jerky movement or snapping.

If I am wrong by all means explain how it really works and stop being Knowledge Nazi’s.
Imagine a community where you have to spend day’s…even week’s to figure something out that would have taken someone about 5 seconds to explain…

Since there is no proper Documentation on this and no other information covering it anywhere on the net…I spent an entire day reverse engineering 4 Animation Nodes that I couldn’t find any information on and made a video covering them…

wow i didnt expect someone will answer my question some day really thank you, by the way im a huge fun of you in youtube i learned a lot from you :slight_smile:

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Thanks, appreciate it.