What 3d modelling/texturing software works along with Unreal Engine?

I’ve been poking around in Unreal Engine 4 for sometime, I’m aspiring to make a SciFi shooter and I wondering what’s a good way to go about making Characters, regular joe objects in the game, and stuff like textures. I know this is very broad, but I find myself stressing out over all these 3d modelling programs, and all these kinds of art programs, like photoshop and sculptris(however I do say sculptris I find fun, but kept crashing, and didn’t understand how to texture it). I guess my question is what software would be a good learning tool for 3d models/textures that works good along with Unreal Engine 4.

If anyone can help me out with some suggestions, I will be deeply in love with you. (not really but I would be thankful :slight_smile: )

Nearly every 3d program works with the UE4 (as long as it is abel to export fbx or obj files). I personally would recommend you blender, because it’s for free and as good as 3ds max/maya. :slight_smile:
For a texture program you can use photoshop or gimp.

Blender is a very nice program but it is a pain to use as the controls are all backwards from any other creation software I have ever used. Personally I prefer 3ds max for all my 3d creations for UE4. Also there is a nice program plugin that just went free from houdini for UE4 that you can get free and it has alot of 3d meshes and all you can use. is the website for it, from there it is pretty straight forward on how to get it.

I’ll second that on blender. You would think with its popularity that they could add a control system option, which would match commonly used setups, which would give them an even larger user database. I’ve tried so many times to get to learn it, but just quit and became frustrated. It just saddens me because the good engines like Unreal, Unity , etc seem to love it.

i ONLY use blender for animation purpose that are to annoying to do in 3ds max such as character. Otherwise I just stick to 3ds max.

Hi all, thank you for the suggestion, I plan on using the student thing so I can get 3ds max, I would get blender, but I’ve been looking at companies and it seems 3ds max and maya are standards, but I will download both and get taste of them. Thanks again :slight_smile:

I’ve been digging Maya LT recently.

Blender definitely has the best price tag (free) but there’s also a cheap version of Houdini called Houdini Indie. Check it out here.

And here’s a few videos about using Houdini with Unreal to give you an idea of the workflow:

Houdini at GDC2015 | In-game FX

Houdini at GDC2015 | Artist Built Tools for UE4

SideFX GDC Reel

Houdini is also now free with a plugin for UE4

Blender or maya are the best options

you can get a student version of max and maya which are free for 3 years (by that time there will have been 3 more updates…) so if you can you could have a go with them as well as blender to see which one you prefer.

I’d recommend Maya, it’s fairly easy to use and pretty straightforward. For texturing, I use both xNormal and Quixel. Though I’ve heard good things about Substance.

zbrush seems nice for a modeler, i want learn a bit about zbrush in the future, but atm too much applications too learn :eek:

my head going to explode some day learning all that different UI, shortcuts, gizmos functionality between applications . :mad:

Sometimes i don’t known if i must press alt, ctrl, shift or crush the keyboard with my head.

And zbrush its the worst (because its different) UI for begin i see in years.

My opinions on the matter is this:

3dsMax for inanimate objects (walls, buildings, things that don’t breathe)
Mudbox/Maya for characters or things that breathe

You can use either or for both of them though, but if you get a student discount, that is my preferred method.

For texturing, I would recommend Substance Designer/Painter