What 3D File formats does UE4 accept?

Wiki says only FBX from Maya, Max and Motion builder. Haven found a page with extended list.

How about:


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Currently, .fbx is only 3D file format UE4 accepts. If you already have an existing .obj or .x you’re trying to import, you may need to convert it to a .fbx in an external program first.


Ah got it. Thanks.

4.2 added support for OBJ files.

Have they added any more formats?

fbx does not work

Hi i recently download an asset of car and when i use it in unreal engine it won’t show its texture or material. Will you please tell me how to fix it

FBX works, but some content is authored without game engines in mind or exported with a really old version of FBX. And sometimes (rarely) people just change file extension on a non-FBX file thinking that will magically make it work.

If a particular FBX will not import into Unreal, then it may need to be fixed in an external program to make it properly set up for a game engine.

I use Blender for most of these just importing FBX into blender, fixing it up, then re-exporting to a new FBX, although some FBX files are too old for my current Blender version to read, so then I would need a different program to address THAT issue.

It is very common for imported FBXs to have blank materials. Importer can search for material image files to automatically import, generate materials for, and apply them to meshes, but this doesn’t always work depending on how FBX is set up. If it doesn’t work, you can create materials yourself, import images to use as their base color, normal map, etc. and assign them to their respective parts of mesh by opening Static Mesh editor on imported meshes and dragging new materials into material slots in mesh editor window. I usually have to do it this way.

In material editor, to assign an imported texture as base color, you drag a wire from material’s Base Color pin out, then choose Texture Sample as node to connect. Then in that Texture Sample node, you can pick Texture you imported image of.

Support .obj file?
That good

Support for:
FBX Scene (.fbx)
GL Transmission Format (
GL Transmission Format (Binary) (.glb)
MaterialX File Format (