Whammy cars wheels doesn't collide with landscape?

Here you have an example.
I’m new in unreal, sorry if I posted on wrong topic.

I have been following this tutorial:

And using the Vehicle Variety pack

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Hi @nicop_exe! Welcome to the Forums!

A few questions:

  • Is your car currently drivable?
  • Would you mind sharing your different blueprints you set up?
  • I noticed your character’s feet are also sinking into the landscape. Are you sure the error is with the car and not the landscape?
  • When you try this in a fresh level, does the cars wheels collide correctly (using the platform)?

Any additional information you can provide will be a big help in solving your problem!

Hi! that was fast! Thanks for your reply.

I’ll try to be short:

The car is drivable.
You are right, I think that the problem is on landscape, my character seems to be sinking into the landscape.
I didn’t tried on a fresh level but I will do.

Landscape details!


Car blueprint

I can’t attach the car blueprint because i’m new in the forum but I made a short video, I hope this helps. Sorry if don’t, busy day here!