WGS84 to RD coordinate system

Hello, we have a question. We have drone data in the coordinate system WGS84 and GCP measured with the Rover in RD. How exactly does the transformation from WGS84 to the RD system works? we have problems in the Z direction.

Thank you in advance for answering the question.

Hello @Leap3d,
the drone height values could be sometimes off (unless you are using RTK drone). How big is the Z difference?
In cases like this you can turn off the camera priors for georeferencing and use the GCPs to georeference your model.

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Hello Otrhan,

We use a DJI drone with (RTK). We see differences of 20/30cm in Z and sometimes even more. We have tried the step you explain, but unfortunately without results. We think it has to do with the transformation from WGS84 to our RD system? but we still see differences in the Z compared to the drone and the GPS rover, while both systems measure with RTK.

Have you tried this in the same project with new alignment? If so, have you set the Force component rematch as Yes?
he differences are there after first alignment?
Is it possible, that RD system is not ellipsoidal?

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