We've updated the Kite Video with More Technical Information

Recently, we updated the open world Kite demo to include much more technical information about the scene itself. Check out the new video here, or below!

You can find out even more about the tech in the talk given by the team here


Thanks for an update I have one question about “15 million pieces of vegetation”. What do you count as one piece of vegetation? A leaf/tree w or wo leaves/grass strand/grass patch?

I just updated the post with the talk that Francois and James did regarding the tech. Should have what ya need :cool:

But why did he set his Kite free inside a dark cave? :slight_smile:

Clearly it wanted to go hang with the other kite dudes and dudettes

Actually, the old video was better since all the technical stuff is ruining the immersion of a cinematic demo. For technical stuff you have the features trailer.

But since the old video is still online it’s no real problem :wink:

That’s why we left the other video up! The features trailer calls out specifics about the engine and how they are used in the demo. This one goes over some of the technical details specifically regarding the project, as we’ve received a lot of requests for some of the details :slight_smile:

Any info on when we will get our hands on this? I know Tim said that we will get it with the 4.8 update, but I would love to get my hands of some of those assets.

Awesome! I was so impressed when I first saw the video, both by the technical side but also because you guys stepped out of your comfort zone with the story and looks.
When I left behind the pre-rendered cinematic / post production industry 7 years ago to join video games development I never thought I will be able to have the same level of fidelity I got back then from hours of rendering… not this soon anyways. This video is a total win, congrats to all of you guys & girls!

Amazing job as usual guys! I really enjoyed this video. How many of these new features that you guys have added to the engine (such as NavMesh tiles) are in 4.7.3? Or will they be in 4.8? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Amazing work there… Really inspired me to start doing photoscanned stuff! Got my next couple of weekends booked for outings with a camera, matteball and a chromeball. Can’t wait to get a closer look at those assets, the AI and all the yummy stuff coming for 4.8.

Awesome! Thanks for posting this Chance.

BTW… I hope we will hear about that one feature that was quickly mentioned during the GDC sessions where you can import high res meshes and the engine will take of the rest. I’m really excited to see the much improved Motion Blur in 4.8. Keep up the great work!

a few questions:

  1. When these features planned to be available? In UE 4.8? Are they already in master branch or not yet?
  2. Is Kite will be completely available to users, so we can play with all of its features and assets?

Ultra-Geek mode engaged…

I Would love to know this to so can we get some answers please.

I think the answers are simple:

  1. Features will be available in 4.8 and are already in the master branch, and most probably also in the promoted branch.
  2. Yes, it will be completely available to users, only exception may be the boy and the kite…

I literally cannot stop watching the tech demo. I watch it multiple times a day - it’s that good. Nice work Epic :slight_smile:

Will all of the assets made in the demo be freely available to use in our own projects?