We've got segregation already within in the marketplaces in Epic Games Launcher (EGL).

As the marketplace is not launcher wide, discussions in UT4 forum are starting in how to fix this issue: Signing plugin? Or a way to verify a plugin (regarding security)? [IDEA]

We’ve got segregation already within in the Epic Games Launcher (EGL).

It should have a single unified marketplace regardless of product (Game or Engine).

A single Marketplace review team, but with specialists per product / game and discipline.

When I click on Marketplace in either Unreal Engine or Unreal Tournament it should all point to the same infrastructure, but just have a different filter dependent on the product.

If I really want to, I should be able to search across all products at once…eg: What if I want the same hat I have in UT4 as in ARK?

As a content creator, I want the smoothest way to get my content to market.

So whether I’m creating content for Unreal Engine, Unreal Tournament, ARK or whatever product is in the EGL, the process should be the same.

In time, I foresee the EGL having other games which are not created by Epic Games themselves just like Steam.
The post is too long to repeat all the points I raised, read the post if you want.

But an important point which was already outlined by Steve:

(Bold bits in bullet point are mine).

It’ll be on someone’s schedule somewhere. Epic may as well start on it earlier to help support the UT4 community.

The UT4 mod community contributions can then help to pay for the game. :wink:

You can’t though? Just because hats are a feature in UT4, doesn’t necessarily mean ARK has them. Even if it did, you can bet your crown jewels that it would have been implemented in a different way and not even remotely cross-compatible.

Additionally, the different marketplaces have different terms and conditions. You’re not allowed to redistribute or modify / resell content you buy on the UT4 or ARK marketplaces because it’s not created for that purpose. UT4 and ARK content is distributed as DLC or as Mods, not as engine content that you can put in your own game - that’s illegal. Even though Unreal Tournament 4 source code is available, you’re actually not allowed to take chunks of it and use it in your game.

UT4 content is effectively optional DLC, and ARK content is for ARK modding only. On the flip side, if somebody sells something on UE marketplace then you can modify it and use it in a game, but that’s it.

It was a bad example then. I’ve never played ARK.

I meant it more that if I made something that was a particular theme and wanted the collection to be visible across multiple games, I SHOULD be able to.

Whether it is practical, is another story.

I think the restriction there is that an asset won’t necessarily work on other games, they might not even be the same version of UE4.

Well more or less that. I still do not understand how those 3 different things + more that will be added soon for other games of epic will relate and why should they mix them all in 1 search. It’s pretty simple as it is to limit your searches per tab so Engine has it’s own tab with its own market and own rules, Same goes for ark and so on.
Is there like a more in depth reason you are asking for this because the reasons you’ve posted are not well thought and instead of simplifying they would complicate things.

OK, I really think I should have left that example out as it has detracted from my main point.

The main point I am trying to get across is that it should be a single marketplace, regardless of product. The global search was just to highlight it was all using the same infrastructure, instead of creating separate marketplaces.

Processes should be the same, with only slight variations depending on product.

At the moment in UT4, we are unable to publish C++ mods through the marketplace.

I’d like Epic to reconsider this, but if they choose to do so, they may as well look at it for all the products in the launcher instead of just for UT4.

I’d expect each marketplace to have different T&Cs, but it doesn’t detract from it being a single marketplace with the same process with slight variations per product for content.

Google Play has Books, Apps, Movies, Hardware etc… but it is still a single marketplace.

That’s my main point, single marketplace.

The problem is that it isn’t a single marketplace - they’re separate.

If I’m searching for engine content, I don’t want to have to sift through hundreds of ARK mods or Unreal Tournament / Fortnite / Paragon DLC to find it. Keeping things separate makes it easier to search for something you’re actually looking for. If you want to search all the marketplaces at the same time, you can always google it. Either way, it’s super trivial to click on another tab in the launcher and type in a search term. I could spend a few seconds doing that, or I could waste much more time sifting through things that aren’t even relevant.

Merging purchase-able content or mod content all into one section is not going to help content sellers either, if anything it will hinder them - and soon it’ll blur the legalities between each store.