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Today we would like to share with you our progress so far with Westwood Shadows. A First person Thriller adventure about a police detective who gets involved into a case about a missing couple. Soon he finds out that the husband was working at a mental asylum and he was conducting a research over a mysterious disappearance of patients. The detective locates the husband’s research files and among them something he would never thought he would find.

The game started the development January 2019 and will soon release a free to play demo (more info here). UPDATE: Demo available here!

In the next few days the **Steam **page](Westwood Shadows on Steam) will be available for you to wishlist if you like. We will update this post with the link so feel free to subscribe to the topic to get updates.

So far we have completed the first two levels of the game and we are sharing with you some screenshots from the results.

You can find more info about the game on:

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Hi all! We wanted to drop some of the screenshots we took last weekend from the game so far.




We’re back with more pictures!

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Hey all! Thanks again for testing out Westwood Shadows. We read all comments and although we want to answer each one of you, there are too many comments and some issues are common so we gathered up all the upcoming fixes here.

So here is what we’ve been working on based on your comments.

  • The settings menu is fully functional with options to change the game’s resolution, graphics, and audio levels.
  • Saving the game is fully functional and a new saving system has been implemented. Now you can save your game only in certain areas (more info about this with the updated demo)
  • New main menu screen
  • Cutscenes are now optimized and should run smoothly on any computer above the minimum requirements.
  • Framerate is now stable and there will be fewer or no frame drops during gameplay.
  • Subtitles are now available for every line of speech and all bugs related to the duration of appearance are also fixed.
  • Drawers and cabinets are now able to open.
  • Added plenty of extra content (related to the story) for exploration.
  • Re-animated the intro, outro, and one more cutscene for the game.
  • Added the model of Peter Bennet at cut scenes and in-game.
  • Most puzzles that require a pin code now will get a new password for every new game.
  • Added some extra help around the puzzles that players found most difficult to progress.
  • New interface design for inventory and journal
  • New inspection system design
  • Pressing ESC during a cutscene can now pause the cutscene. Skipping has been assigned to a new button.
  • Player’s camera now has a smoother motion.
  • New voiceovers for the whole game
  • A big set of in-game writing pieces for those interested in Westwood’s history
    … and there is still more to be announced!

The demo will be released in June with all the features above. We want Westwood Shadows to be a great gaming experience for all the players and so we are always open to more comments and feedback from you! We thank you again and we can’t wait to share our progress and updates!

We are also preparing a Kickstarter campaign to speed up the process of development and enrich the game with more mechanics and better visuals. We will need your support when we go live! You can sign up to get notified by following this link:

RedSoup team

You know when you are working on a game and you have to cover so may aspects of it? Well, designing logos and ID cards is part of it! This one will be featured in the demo so let me know what you think!

So the goal here was to make a Pharmaceutical logo and ID badges that every employee would have to carry in order to access certain areas and get past security controls. Obviously, the colors were chosen based on the game’s mood. This is a horror adventure that narrates the story of a character, so I avoided anything colorful and happy. The 3D mesh was also made by me but that’s nothing special as it’s a standard design for ID badge. I just modeled it to be simple.


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This is Peter Bennet.
We’re very happy with the character design and we wanted to share it with you! Any comments or feedback s welcome!


Find out what’s wrong with Westwood and how Peter gets involved.

Steam Page

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Hey all! :wink:
I’ll be on live stream tonight on Steam! We’ll play Westwood Shadows Demo! :heavy_check_mark:
Feel free to drop by and say hi!



:star2:Great News for Westwood Shadows! :star2:
:tada: We are officially a MegaGrant Recipient from Epic Games :tada:
More Shadows, More Horror, More Action! :fire:
Westwood Shadows Epic MegaGrants

:point_right: Add the game to your wishlist to get it at launch!

Westwood Shadows Animating Cutscenes

:movie_camera:Last few keyframes for one of our best cutscenes! :clapper:
Who wants to see more?

:point_right: Westwood Shadows on Steam

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So far so good, looking foward to seeing this game being released! :+1:

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Westwood Shadows: Prologue

We are back with great news! :tada:

This Thursday 23rd of September the Prologue for Westwood Shadows will be available for free!
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:point_right: Westwood Shadows: Prologue on Steam

Westwood Shadows: Prologue :star2: is now available for Free! :video_game:
Play it here:


We are going live! Join us this Saturday 16th of October on Steam to discuss about the development of Westwood Shadows. :oncoming_police_car:
:point_right: Westwood Shadows: Prologue on Steam

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Have you guys ever played a game that fully supports and makes use of Razer Chroma RGB features? We are currently developing Westwood Shadows and we’re preparing some sweet integrations. !


We’ve been planning this for a long time and now it’s happening!
We are launching a Kickstarter campaign in November!

Sign up to claim the early birds!

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We Make Our Own Fears!

Happy Halloween to everyone!

LevelDesign WIP

Work in Progress - Level design :chess_pawn:

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Westwood Shadows Gameplay Trailer

The first action gameplay trailer is coming soon!

14 Days until our Kickstarter launch! :fire:
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:point_right: Westwood Shadows by RedSoup Studio — Kickstarter

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12 Days until our Kickstarter launch! :fire:
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:point_right: Westwood Shadows by RedSoup Studio — Kickstarter