Western Town - Feedback Welcome

Hello everyone, i’ve 85% finished a small scene i’ve been working on called Western Town, I took some inspiration from Red Dead Redemption 2. Let me know what you think, i’ve been out of UE4 for a long time and I feel this as well as a previous project I finished would be great to get me back into the swing of things.


Hey Bobsy,

Really impressive environment you’ve created so far, did you ever finish it? I’d love the chance to see the final product! :slight_smile:

Hello, yes I did, you can check out a video here. Although, its rendered at around 40fps, i will eventually re-record it at a solid 60fps.

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Its probably a bit strange to say but I love the duality of a completely quiet town, void of all life, but it still having chimneys billowing smoke. It gives its own story of maybe a mass panic where everyone escaped or they’re all hiding inside one of the buildings together! So fascinating.
Its obvious you’re crazy talented and certainly have an eye for environment creation, wonderfully done! Hope we get to see more of your work and subtle story-telling soon :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the update!

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