West Coast Dev Tour and Other Publications Posted to Resources!

Hey all - We have uploaded all of the slides from the West Coast Dev Tour, as well as the Temporal AA talk by Brian Karis at SIGGRAPH to the RESOURCES](Unreal Engine guides and white papers - Unreal Engine) section of our website!

New presentations:
Temporal AA - High Quality Temporal Supersampling - Brian Karis

Advanced Cloud Service Topics - Joe Graf

Epic’s Build Tools & Infrastructure - Gerke Max Preussner

Engine Overview, A Programmer’s Glimpse at UE4 - Gerke Max Preussner

Extensibility - Customizing Your Games and the Editor - Gerke Max Preussner

Game Framework & Sample Projects - Gerke Max Preussner

Integrating a Cloud Service via HTTP - Joe Graf

Multithreading - Tips for Programming with Many CPU Cores - Gerke Max Preussner

Programming - A Quick Orientation for Coders - Gerke Max Preussner

The Slate UI Framework - Gerke Max Preussner

Social Connections - Joe Graf

C++ Utilities - Niklas Smedberg

HTML 5 - Niklas Smedberg

Mobile Deployment - Niklas Smedberg

Mobile Performance - Niklas Smedberg

Mobile Tech Demos - Niklas Smedberg

Cool! Thanks for gathering them all here, Chance.

Awsome presentations guys, especially the ones done by Preussner, should make for a good read.