Wes Bunn's UMG Inventory Tutorial Issue

I am doing this tutorial and having no issues so far until I hit this point on “Part 6 Scripting My Character and Pickups”.

After I get “Pickup Text Widget” and drag off of it to “remove from viewport” I only get the option to “remove From Parent” like Wes mentioned because I am using 4.7. I select this and it makes the node but does not connect the target to anything and I cannot figure out what the target is supposed to be… Does anyone know?

If you leave your cursor over the pins, it tells you what type of items are expected.

I’d like to know what type of item “PickUpTextWidget” is and what type of item is “RemoveFromParent”'s pin expecting.

If “PickUpTextWidget” is a Widget you should be able to pin it to “RemoveFromParent”.

Target says “widget reference” and according to the error I get when I compile it looks as thought the widget is the parent so you cannot remove it from itself. I just added a “Cast to Pickup Text” to the Pickup Text widget variable and hopefully that works after I get the PB Finished. The pickup text widget is what pops up on screen when you pick up the item.9588315d1c9dbba0508fec05ab521f820ebe7b9c.jpeg

Also one more thing to add to this is another issue following the same topic… In the MyCharacter BP we add the “Bring up Inventory Menu” script and when the “Inventory Active” is referenced off of the “GameHUD Widget” it will not compile correctly. It shows up as “failed to find variable property” on the right side under Default Value. The Branch shown is only supposed to have the true connected to the flip-flop but I could not get the inventory to pop in during game so I connected the false also and it works now thus showing me that the “Inventory Active” is not working correctly. Any help with either of these is appreciated… Like maybe some help from Epic???