Werwolf (Working Title) - A WW2 Survival Horror



Werwolf (german for werewolf) is a survival horror desktop shooter aimed to capture the feel of games in the bane of Wolfenstein meets Nosferatu: Wraith of Malachi; inspiration for a lot of the mechanics derives from various action FPS games over the years such as Half-Life 2, F.E.A.R, and Duke Nukem 3D. Classic monster myths burns bright with the development of Werwolf. Classic inspiration come from books such as Bram Stoker’s Dracula and movies such as The Keep, and Van Helsing. Its really just a smelting pot of smart video game mechanics, in my personal opinion.


Players will be dropped straight into a classic horror movie setting with 8 unique weapons at the time of writing. Specialty weapons such as the vampire stake will become prevalent as they can one hit kill vampires that otherwise would take more ammunition from another weapon. Werewolves bother you? Use a silver bullet of course, and the flintlock is loaded with it! Currently the castle is semi-randomly generated with certain items and monsters being shifted around upon each unique play-through. Saving the game is limited to certain “safe zones” so keep a look out and make sure you save before the creatures get you!



The game is currently 100% blueprints with a mix of different 3D, 2D, and audio media. More details such as story and screenshots will be added as further development takes place and things are ready to be shared.

You can also follow development tweets on Deep Blue Games’ twitter page.

Looking forward to seeing all of the feedback.[/CENTER]

Looks Good. Sadly

Would it be happy if it didn’t? Ha, no I get what you are trying to say. I guess you don’t own a Vive then? It is unfortunate but it is planned to be solely a vr title for now; I feel like the game is more immersive and scarier than what it would be just as a regular pc game.

A new screenshot to share with you guys. We decided to ditch the daytime scenario because it didn’t make sense continuity wise with other characters you meet later on. This screenshot was taken from where you enter the castle. I’m trying to go for a retrofitted castle look. It still has torches and such but the recent German takeover has allowed it to be fitted with generators and new light fixtures. Also decided to nix the use of any Nazi symbols. I don’t know how many German people own an HTC Vive that would potentially support this game but in context of the story, the symbols can be changed and still make more sense than if it was left unchanged.

Want to hear your comments even if you don’t have the equipment or are even interested in VR.

That looks so much like this game its creepy

The aim was to look a lot like RTCW in many ways but more so with a touch of this game. Another thing to note is Werewolf is more of a survival horror shooter instead of straight action like RTCW and NROM. Currently there are no “human” enemies but that is subject to change as the plot climax in last act is still up in the air. Thanks for the interest!


I have been working on adding a prologue and now I’m sorting out which guns will make the final cut by release. Some things don’t make 100% timeline wise but in a game were you kill vampires and werewolves, which is really the bigger issue? Am I right?


Like I’ve said before on other occasions, yes I make use of marketplace media. As you can see, there are plenty of uses for anything if you think outside of the box. I also updated the website and Werwolf now has its own dedicated page.


Comments and criticism welcome.


Due to poor performance on my minimum requirements rig, I decided it would be best to drop the project to a desktop only version. I really wanted to make some premium VR content but if it can only run smooth on a GTX 1080… that is too rich for a lot of people’s blood. I’d rather sacrifice a little creative vision for the sake of quality. Since the last post I’ve been hard at work tweaking the game. It definitely plays a lot better as a desktop game. It may feel a lot like something you’ve played, which is why I’m going to assume that a given and run with it. I’m coupling a whole lot of mechanics and content from games and shooters I’ve enjoyed and see what I can do with it. The game definitely plays more action-oriented but that doesn’t mean the creepy crawlies are not going to jump out at you!

Comments and criticism welcome. More content to come in the future!

Got lots of new enemies put into the game! Variety is the spice of life and I intend to put plenty of ghouls and freaks to kill. I’ve been implementing things I’ve loved about certain FPS games and I have to say that they fit very well together.



Got a new screenshot of game in-action and a new weapon!

The official new German enemies. We are aware not every German at this point in time was of the Nazi party; the story reflects this. People died that were just following what they had to and was unknown to the horrors that Nazi Germany was actually doing. Not really here to get into the semantics of it but this game isn’t meant to be just a mindless murder simulator. Bare that in mind. The protagonist is a defensive killer against human enemies but his job is to kill the monsters of the world.