Werewolf mod - NEED HELP

So, I have been working on making my first mod, which will add the ability for a player to turn into a werewolf (I was originally going to start with a different project, but given how expansive it would be, I decided to try something smaller for my first mod instead). So far, I’ve made some good progress. However, I still have some problems I need help with.

  • To summon the werewolf form, I thought about adding an infinite use (Well, either infinite use, or something that automatically drops from killed werewolves) item that could be crafted at an obelisk that, when used at night, would spawn a werewolf for the player to claim. Is this possible? And if it is, any tips to get me started?

  • I was hoping to make it either so that the player is unable to “dismount” the werewolf until the werewolf naturally disappears or is killed, or to make it so that “dismounting” the werewolf would instantly kill it/make it disappear (To force a player to commit to their transformation, or risk wasting it). But I haven’t found a way of doing something like that.

  • I also need to hide the rider on the werewolf model (To complete the illusion of the player being the werewolf). Shrinking the rider socket in the werewolf’s animations is a temporary solution, as the changes are reverted whenever I exit and re-launch the dev kit. So I presume I would have to modify the skeleton file itself. The problem with that is that I use the Dire Wolf’s skeleton file for the Werewolf (As well as its mesh) because I cannot figure out how to import a mesh onto a skeleton (The import mesh function when editing the skeleton only shows folders for some reason. So I cannot select any meshes). So I need help.

  • Lastly, I would would like to change the textures of the werewolf (Mainly to always make it black and give it bright orange eyes). I assume I need to export the texture files and edit them in some sort of digital painting program. Any specific steps I need to follow, and would a program like GIMP suffice?

That’s all my questions for now.